Source Differentiated Forest Products are the best choice to intentionally make a positive impact on the environment.   Our Standards exceed every other standard in the industry, including FSC and SFI. Our products are guaranteed to have been harvested under a Low-Impact harvesting guidelines, with extraction being accomplished through the use of modern low-impact animal power, giving you a truly unique product.  Contact us about product availability! Given the proper lead time, we can fill your order for a wide variety of products, from framing and exterior decking, to beams and custom woodworking blanks.  You can rest assured that any product purchased through us fulfills e most stringent Green Certification standards in the business. 

Use Source Differentiated Forest Products in your next building project.

Sinking Creek Horse Logging and Wood Products uses ground-breaking and innovative inventory management for our wood products.  Inventory is stored “on the stump”, thereby decreasing storage inputs and allowing your lumber to be as fresh as possible.  This method allows the material to actually grow in value while being stored, as opposed to any other method where storage is a cost. 

  Featured Products


Appalachian Black Locust
Naturally rot and insect resistant
Perfect for sensitive exterior applications
Variable widths, lengths and, grades

Timber Frame Beams
Mixed Appalachian Species - your choice
Variable widths, lengths, and grades
Rough or planed

Please Note:  Be advised that our supply can vary dramatically because we take only what falls within Restorative harvesting guidelines, not what we need for a specific project.  Some orders will take longer than others to fulfill, so allow plenty of lead time.