About Us

Sinking Creek Horse Logging is a forest services and lumber company located in the Mountains of Virginia.  Specializing in low-impact timber harvesting with draft horses in the context of restorative forestry, we offer a range of services to forest landowners in achieving their management goals, as well as supplying Source Differentiated Forest Products.  Whether you have a forest you’re looking at harvesting or need some lumber, we can help you.  We are glad you stopped by and hope you take a moment to explore our site.

Our Philosophy

We do not view horse logging as a nostalgic throwback to the past, although there are certain aspects of what we do that can evoke such emotions.  What we do is thoroughly modern. We utilize modern nylon harnesses, vet care, and shoeing techniques.  A modern steel mechanical logging arch is used to provide front end suspension of the logs, further minimizing damage to the forest floor, and maximizing the pulling capacity of the horses.  And of course, we use chainsaws for felling timber.  We just simply believe that the utilization of horses is one of the best way to address some of the problems in our forests today.
However, all of the ground level benefits of using horses don’t have the greatest positive impact on the forest unless done in the context of a restorative management perspective.  And while this is true, they are still the method of choice for working within many silvicultural prescriptions.  Whatever your outlook on woodland management, we are comfortable that modern horse logging offers many advantages that cannot be overlooked.  And don’t take our word for it, come visit one of our previously harvested sites to witness it for yourself.

Virginia SHARP Logger Certified # 2652

Member Healing Harvest Forestry Coalition

HHFF Certified Biological Woodsman Operator

Certified Lumber Producer and Supplier

State of Virginia Certified Prescribed Burn Manager

Almost eleven years of working experience

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Benjamin Harris - Owner, Operator

Benjamin grew up on a farm in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  An avid outdoorsman, he spent much of his time exploring forests and using the family team of horses. After high school he promptly enrolled in the Healing Harvest Forest Foundation’s Biological Woodsman apprenticeship program, and went immediately into  business for himself after graduating as a Biological Woodsman.  Since then, he has worked as a journeyman expanding his experience in the forests of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Wyoming and Montana with established logging and wood products companies.  With close to 11 years of experience, he has now settled in southwest Virginia with a goal to have a positive impact in native forests that he enjoys.
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David Marrale - Teamster, Timber Feller

David comes to us from with outdoors work and mechanical experience, and has quickly picked up timber felling and gotten a good start into the world of teamster skills. He has a background in various building trades, welding and chainsaw work which gave him a good place to jump into the work at SCHL. He is a native of the mountains of North Carolina where he was an active outdoorsman. Going into his second year with us, David has been a great team member and essential addition to our workflow. He has a passion to improve his horsemanship in the context of low-impact logging and sustainable forestry.
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Suffolk Punch Draft Horses

We currently have 4 draft horses in our equipment lineup: Tug, Trace, Charlene, and Avery. One is pure Suffolk Punch Draft Horse, and the other 3 are grade Suffolk Punch, the Suffolk being the only draft breed in the world bred specifically for work. They retain many old world characteristics that are being selected out of other breeds including a thick, low-set build, and a willingness to work, making them ideally suited for work in the woods. They weigh anywhere from 1600-2000 lbs each and can be ridden, packed or worked. Tug and Trace, who were raised from birth by Ben, were born to a mare who was one of our previous logging horses. We are sure they would like a visit from you.